RAF Ibsley


RAF Ibsley Historical Group

The Group was formed in late august 1992, following an R.A.F. Ibsley Exhibition, arranged by a small group of people, as part of a larger By-Gone Days event being held in aid of Charity earlier that month.Such was the interest shown in one of the wartime buildings still standing on the No. 2 Communal Site at South Gorley, with ex-Ibsley personnel coming from many parts of the country, that requests were made to form an R.A.F. Ibsley Historical Group,and this was done at a special meeting held at the end of August 1992,when Officers and a Committee to run the Group were elected.


The aims and purposes of the Group

To put in touch again, after many years, comrades who served or were based at R.A.F. Ibsley,1941-1952, and also the relatives of those who lost their lives while serving at the station.

To keep members from this country and worldwide in touch with group activities etc., by means of a quarterly Newsletter.

The continuing research of historical details connected with R.A.F.Ibsley, 1941-1952.

The collection and preservation of photographs, documents and memorabilia connected with aviation, especially World War II and Ibsley in particular.

To hold an annual exhibition of photographs and memorabilia concerning the history of R.A.F. Ibsley and the local district, and also to stage smaller displays when and where the opportunity arises.

The fostering of good comradeship between members of the Group.

To organize social events for members and friends.

To seek to preserve any building or other wartime structure of R.A.F. Ibsley thought to be worthy of such a cause.